Animal welfare is the top of our agenda, your pets safety and comfort is very important to me and my team. 

If your pets coat is needed to be shaved of due to excessive matting then we will notify you on the day you register. Badly matted coats are very very uncomfortable for the animal and cause a series of problems, possible vet care.

I aim to keep your pets in tip top condition and with regular grooming every 6 - 8 weeks, this along side with owners participation can reduced matting to the very minimum.


Depending on breed, size and nature of your pet will depend on how long they are with us, sometimes you may have to make a couple of appointments in order to get the standard required or your pet might need to build confidence more slowly than others.

once a booking is made I ask that if you are unable to keep your appointment then please give us at least 24hrs as this will give us the chance to fill our schedule.

If customers have missed their appointment and we have had no contact from them, then they may have to pay in full before we can except their next appointment.

I ask before you enter the salon please can you toilet your pets as I try and keep the salon as clean as possible.

one last request! If your not satisfied with your groom or have any complaints then please contact me either in person or by phone, I am easy to talk to and willing to try and solve any issues regarding my service.

Dawn x